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Hello fellow traveler,

Over many years while working on sound design and soundtrack for games, film or media, I have gathered a huge library containing lots of different sounds, loops and samples that can be used for commercial or personal projects. Although new sounds are uploaded on a regularly basis, it will take time to have the entire library transferred online so you must have patience. In addition, I am constantly constructing new sounds, loops and recordings, which are also added to Soundatabase.

How to search for a sound:

  • Press the SEARCH button (upper right side or bottom of the page) and type the object of your quest or the name of the sound. Search results may vary so make sure to use “Categories” and “Tags” also. If you find a sound that matches your interest, all you need to do is press the DOWNLOAD button and the sound will automatically be saved on your hard-drive.
  • All the sounds featured on this website are fully downloadable. There’s no user/ login/ email required, no loss or reduction in sound quality or any other kind of obstacle. If you really like something feel free to take it home with you.

You are allowed to:
– Share, copy, distribute and communicate the material in all formats;
– Adapt, remix, transform and further create.
– Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal

You are not allowed to:

– Resell or package these sounds with another sound library. All the sounds on are to be used in the context of a project, and we do not allow them to be used in other sound libraries. Examples of proper usage include: video editing, youtube videos, plays, video games, films, dj and other similar projects or contexts;
– Repost these sounds elsewhere. These sounds are meant to stay on for download. We do not allow them to be reposted elsewhere. They can only be used in the context of a project.

*Please make sure you tell your friends about us, mention us to attribute, follow us on social media etc. You know very well how this stuff works 🙂 !

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